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k’awat’si Economic Development LP (KEDC) 

Realizing revenue, prosperity, skills and development for the community

The K’awat’si Economic Development LP (KEDC) was founded in 2014 to capitalize on a strong desire by the community to explore and grow opportunities. KEDC’s mandate is to investigate and realize revenue, prosperity, skills and development for the benefit of the community. KEDC is tasked with creating, operating and supporting businesses that will be profitable, environmentally sustainable and culturally significant, respecting the unique cultural values of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw people.

The K’awat’si Economic Development LP (KEDC) logo is comprised of three main parts that are very important to the history and culture of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations. The painted bentwood box (k̓awat̕si) is what families and communities have used to house their treasures for time immemorial. The Copper that is being held by the k̓awat̕si is one of the most sacred items that our families hold dear. it means many things, not least of which is a sign of wealth, prestige and power. Finally, the Sisiutl is one of the most powerful crests and mythological creatures in the mythology of the Kwakwaka’wakw, it is a protector and can be a fierce warrior, in our logo it has embraced the k̓awat̕si and shows that it is ready to protect it from all who might try to do harm.

Meet the KEDC Management Team

Cyrus Singh


Cyrus is a dynamic and dedicated executive leader, effective in building collaborative networks and relationships, while ensuring business goals are achieved. As an interest based facilitator and result oriented project manager, achieving organizational goals while enriching stakeholder relations are a hallmark of past successes.

With a diverse background in business development and analytics; new challenges are an engaging and welcomed opportunity to apply a breadth of strong problem solving skills.

Jorawar Brah

Director of Human Resources

Jo is an experienced Director of Human Resources​ with a demonstrated history of accomplishment in the retail industry; skilled in Human Resources, Management, Time Management, Leadership, and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

Jo’s studies include an MSc focused in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire, and an MBA from Vancouver Island University. 

Shawn Hutchinson

General Manager, k'awat'si Construction Company

Shawn joined K’awat’si Construction Company as a Project Manager in early 2020 and was promoted to the General Manager role in 2021. He believes that building strong relationships in his personal and business life is key. Shawn is always up for a challenge and looking for better ways to achieve KCC’s goals.

Shawn’s Experience includes 18+ years of residential, commercial, and industrial construction and holds the Certified Project Manager (CAPM Designation), Red Seal Plumbing, Red Seal Pipe Fitting, and Class B Gas Fitting Certifications.

Albert Charlie

Manager, k'awat'si Cold Storage

Albert was born and raised in Port Hardy, BC and is a proud member of the Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Nations. He lives in the Tsulquate community with his wife and three children.

Albert has been part of the k’awat’si Economic Development LP management team since 2016 and is responsible for all Fisheries, Shellfish, and Cold Storage activities. On his down time, he loves fishing in the Gwa’sala-’Nakwaxda’xw Traditional Territories to provide for the Elders, and harvesting shellfish with his family.

Andy Hilke

Manager, Aquaculture Farm

Andy has over 40 years of experience in Shellfish and the Marine/Aquaculture environment. He has never had a land-based job in his life and has managed a 12-acre shellfish farm on Denman Island. Right before joining KEDC, he worked with Island Scallops for 15 years where he worked his way up from labourer to Farm Manager.

Andy has worked as a Captain for 50-foot farm vessels with crews up to 12; managing multiple teams and up to 5 farm vessels at the same time. He has managed annual seedings of 12 million and harvests of 4 million per year. When not out in our Treadwell Bay shellfish farm, Andy enjoys fresh/salt-water fishing and big game hunting in Northern BC.

David Steele

General Manager, Gwanak Resources

Dave Joined Gwa’Nak resources in March of 2022 taking on the role of Manager.  Dave believes that forestry activities within the traditional territory of the Gwasala-‘Naxwaxda’xw will provide economic, social and cultural benefits to the nation in perpetuity.  Dave is dedicated to advancing forest stewardship nested within the cultural values of the Gwasala-‘Naxwaxda’xw” first nation, ‘Nusəns Sax Gwigilas’”. 

Forestry-related businesses will continue to provide meaningful employment opportunities that not only pay well but give people the opportunity to reconnect with their traditional lands with boots on the ground. Dave began his career on the coast of BC in 2002 and has had the privilege of working in forests ranging from the southern tip of Vancouver Island to Haida Gwaii. 


Gordon Black

Director, Consulting & Management Services

Marie Cummings

General Manager, Kwa'lilas Hotel

Eddie Walkus

Manager, k'awat'si Marine

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