Artisan Opportunity

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As many of our members may be aware our community has recently purchased the Port Hardy Inn, an 80 room hotel located at 9040 Granville St.  Our plans are to give the building a substantial renovation while adding an Indigenous theme, making it our own.  There has been considerable interest among tourists and locals alike in our culture so responding to this demand seems only good business.

In keeping with our desire to add an Indigenous theme we, in coordination with our designer have identified numerous areas within the hotel worthy of displaying our distinct and traditional artwork.  In order to facilitate the incorporation of our artwork into the hotel we have hired Shain Jackson (Biography attached).  His job will essentially be to be a liaison with the designer and to work with our artists to create the artwork needed for the hotel.

Although it is important that the artwork be attractive to customers it is perhaps of even greater importance that our story be told.  This initiative is a fantastic opportunity to work together in expressing our history, what our culture is about, and our worldview.  Essentially this hotel can be used as a means of carrying on our traditions and telling our stories.

We would like to begin this process by conducting a meeting between our facilitator, Shain, and interested artists.  Working together we will collectively build a vision of what our community would like to get across and what can be realistically achieved given physical and budgetary limitations.

Meeting: September 16th @ 6pm.

At The Port Hardy Inn- Dinner will be provided.

 Please contact Janine at 250 949 8393 to confirm your attendance.

If you are an artist of any kind please join us.  We will not only be incorporating traditional artworks such as carvings, weavings, and so on, we will also be using designs from our people and incorporating those into the hotel design itself.  These designs can include sketches, beadwork, quilt-work, etc. so please bring samples or pictures.  You carry with you the work of our ancestors.  This project is a good way of passing this down.