Inside Look Into the New k’awat’si Tourism Packages

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Kwa’lilas Hotel will not only be a top choice as a place for guests to stay in Port Hardy, but it will also provide premium tour services. We aim to offer our guests a complete experience on the North Island by providing a new activity every day of the week. These activities blend the deep understanding of the Gwa’sala Nakwaxd’xw First Nations history and culture with expert ecotourism knowledge.  Here is a sneak peek into three of these packages to showcase the diverse activities North Island offers and to cater to the unique interests of our guests:

  • Nawakto Rapids Tour & Salmon BBQ will be a full day excursion for the adventure enthusiasts. Our guides will take visitors to the fastest navigable tidal rapids on earth and teach them about the Gwa’sala Nakwaxd’xw First Nations history on these waters, wildlife, and a traditional way of cooking locally caught salmon around the fire.
  • The Cape Scott Provincial Park package is a full day tour for the nature lovers. Our guides will start the tour by hiking around San Josef Bay to show them the beautiful sandy beach, infamous rock stack formations, the Northern temperate rainforest and resident grey whales and pacific white-sided dolphins. The tour will end in the Ronnings Gardens to give travellers a historic look at the pioneer prospects and the early settlers.
  • Drum Making is a first class fit for our guests with an artistic flair. We want to share this special process and spiritual experience because drums are deeply rooted in our culture. The class will teach our guests how to make their own traditional drum made from yellow cedar and deer hide.