k’awat’si Tour Packages & Website Ready to Go!

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We know our guests will have a variety of interests—some will want to get outside and explore while others will want to cozy up indoors. That’s why we’ve created different tour programs for visitors to get the full taste of the North Island. Our team focused on putting our culture front and centre in the tourist activities we offer, like the Traditional Song and Dance, Nakwakto Rapids and Cultural Tour, and a Scenic Boat and Wildlife Tour. We even have a climate-controlled motor coach to transport our guests to and from their selected tours!

To see a full list of our freshly finalized tour programs and book your guide, check out our new site: www.kawatsitours.ca.

Alice Wamiss enjoys a trip to the Nakwakto Rapids, one of 8 excursions offered by k’awat’si Tours.
k’awat’si Tourism guide Thomas Coon, (centre), leads visitors from Colorado around the Nakwakto Rapids.