Meet Kathy Poslowsky, a New Addition to the KEDC Finance Team

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We are happy to welcome Kathy Poslowsky as a new addition to our finance team, focusing on k’awat’si Construction! Growing up in Squamish, Kathy has continued to live most of her life in other small towns as she loves the feeling of community and the relaxed lifestyle that they bring.

Previously, she lived and worked in Port Clements, Campbell River and Port McNeill, where she currently lives with her husband and their 16-year-old son. Although she has had opportunities to live in larger cities, she wants to give her son the same experience she had growing up, with access to adventure and nature right outside their door.

Kathy has spent most of her career working for resource companies, where she has learned to appreciate the need to protect and preserve our natural resources, while still being able to use them. She has a strong respect for the environment and wants to see it preserved for future generations.

Throughout her time on the North Island, Kathy has come to enjoy the people and uniqueness of each community in the area, and feels that there is no better place to live or work than where she does. She loves being able to step outside of the office and be immersed in nature. Where else could you pop out for a lunch break and see a whale spouting only 20 feet away?

Kathy is eager to learn about the different businesses of KEDC, and is thrilled to be part of a company that is invested to growing with the community.