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The k’awat’si Economic Development General Partner Corporation LP (KEDC) purchased the Port Hardy Inn at 9040 Granville in Port Hardy earlier this year and began extensive plans for the transformation of the 85-room hotel into The Kwa’lilas Hotel.

The Kwa’lilas Hotel project is a demonstration of the commitment of the Gwa’sala ‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations to share their history, culture and passion for their territory in a meaningful and permanent way by showcasing and celebrating it in a beautiful, comfortable space that is representative of the community.

The uniquely designed space will immerse hotel guests in aboriginal art,culture and experiences that will created by local aboriginal artists, designers and chefs, as well give visitors the opportunity to choose and customize eco-tours guided by community members who know from experience the features and patterns of the land, water and animals.

The team of trades, architects, designers, artists and communicators includes k’awat’si Construction, Quinkatla Development Planning Inc., Tohmm Cobban Architect, Inside Design Studios, Spirit Works and FleishmanHillard. Under the direction of Shain Jackson of Spirit Works Ltd., a significant emphasis has been placed on curating the hotel with authentic local Aboriginal art to celebrate Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw traditions and stories in collaboration with local artists and designers.

“Kwa’lilas” is the traditional word that refers to a place to sleep. The hotel was named by the Gwa’sala ‘Nakwaxda’xw elders in hopes that travelers and guests would find peaceful rest in the area after a day of exploration in the north island.

It was important for the Gwa’sala ‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations not only to work on a project that celebrates their history and culture, but also to understand that a project of this magnitude will create a legacy that will be a part of the rejuvenation of the north island, attracting new visitors, businesses and services into the region.

Key Milestones

  • Fall 2015: The Kwa’lilas Hotel unveiled its renovation plans to the community, with completion of final stages of structural exterior and building and architectural design, functionality and designs of interior building including guest rooms, corridors and lobby area and commence demolition.
  • Early 2016, all artisans will be selected and the concepts for artwork will be finalized.
  • There will be a temporary closure of the hotel between mid-January 2015 and Summer 2016. The pub and restaurant will remain open during refurbishment of the building with minimal construction inconvenience to patrons. We invite guests to stay at our sister hotel at Pier Side Landing Hotel during this time.
  • Summer 2016: The Kwa’lilas Hotel is looking forward to opening in Summer of 2016.

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Kwa’lilas Hotel lobby, designed by Inside Design Studio


Guest room concept by Inside Design Studio
Guest room concept by Inside Design Studio


Kwa’lilas Hotel lobby, designed by Inside Design Studio
Guest bathroom suite concept by Inside Design Studio