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Nugwa’a̱m Noelle Hanuse, gayutła̱n lax̱ Wuikinuxv xwun, gukwa̱la̱n lahx Gwadzi on Kwakiutl lands with surrounding Kwakwaka’wakw nations. Noelle is grateful for the opportunity to live, love, laugh, and heal on these beautiful territories. 

Noelle has been on her healing journey since 1994 and received a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at the University of Victoria in 2016. She also trained at the worldwide Seva Light Centres, as a Healer, Yoga teacher, Energy Care teacher, Intuitive Counsellor, and Pure Meditation teacher. In 1983, Noelle attained a teaching degree at the University of British Columbia, and in 2003, a Master’s in Education at Simon Fraser University, and has worked in the education and healing fields for over 30 years. 

Noelle is a residential school survivor and is fully aware of the impacts of colonization and intergenerational trauma on Indigenous peoples.  She utilizes Indigenous principles and values in her work as a Counsellor and Healer, as well as respectful Western therapeutic approaches to help individuals and groups to make the changes that feel right for them.

As a registered clinical counsellor, Noelle believes we all have our own wisdom and inwardly know the answers to our problems and concerns. She sees her role as helping people to explore the wisdom within and to understand themselves at a greater depth.  She will not inquire unnecessarily into the past unless a person asks or feels ready. Similarly, life patterns and habits will be addressed at their request when the time feels right.

In her work as a Healer, Noelle has been trained to act as a pure vessel, so that the client’s life-force is strengthened, and healing takes place. Going back thousands of years, the balancing effects of Healing have been used in a preventative way. By harmonizing the energies, small imbalances can be attended to before they become major problems or illnesses. When the innermost part of us is balanced and energized, this positively affects the outer layers of a person ~ the mind and emotions ~ bringing more mental poise, focus and concentration and emotional steadiness.

The outer most layer, the physical body also becomes more balanced, and functions or conditions that the body has not had the strength to deal with often begin to improve, either gradually or quite rapidly. There are many factors involved, so it is not possible to predict how quickly improvement will be.  However, weekly or twice weekly healing sessions are ideal. 

In addition, Noelle offers a variety of workshops for organizations, agencies, nations, and schools.  These include and is not limited to:  Understanding Death and Passing, Energy Care and Wellbeing, Spiritual Parenting and Partnerships, Lateral Kindness, Dealing with Anxiety and Depression and can tailor any topic or workshop to suit the organization’s needs. 

Rates – in-person:
Understanding Death and Passing: Half day (4 hours) $:1600 – Full Day: $3200
Plus travel, accommodation, and food

Holistic Energy Care: Half day $1600 – Full day $3200
Plus travel, accommodation, and food

Via Zoom (3-hour session):
4 people $350; 5-8 people $300; 8+ $250

First Nations Health Authority

Status and Non-Status individuals may be eligible for mental health coverage if they are a former student or are a family member of a former student who attended a residential school or a day school. You may also be eligible if you are experiencing trauma or stress stemming from missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Canada.

Regardless, if you are Indigenous or non-Indigenous and do not fit these criteria, you are welcome to access the KEDC counselling/healing services.

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