Accommodations at Pier Side Landing Hotel

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Renovation at the building site marks partial closure of accommodations at Kwa’lilas Hotel until Summer of 2016 with the exception of the pub and restaurant which will remain open without interruption. In mid-January 2016, the hotel will be fully closed. During this time, we are able to accommodate guests at our sister hotel, Pier Side Landing hotel, which recently underwent a facelift of its own. The 55-room location on the waterfront has been furnished with a new flooring, bedding, drapery, and wooden goods like tables, chairs, and headboards. We warmly invite you to visit and be a part of Pier Side’s transformation. This is only the start of Pier Side Landing hotel’s journey. KEDC envisions Pier Side Landing hotel to be a community space with other services opening in the new year that will complement Kwa’lilas Hotel’s offerings.