Chef De Partie

*** Now Offering a $500.00 Signing Bonus ***

Kwa’lilas Hotel is looking for a Chef de Partie to join our team in Port Hardy, B.C., on the northern end of Vancouver Island.

The Chef de Partie is responsible for contributing high quality food for Nax’id’ Pub, Ha’me’ Restaurant, and banquets and events for Kwa’lilas Hotel. The Chef De Partie is essential for the back of house team and is accountable for the overall success for their station. Acting alongside of the Sous Chef, Chef de Partie is responsible for guiding, training, and developing the cooks that are existing or new to their station.

Located in the traditional territories of the Kwakiutl people; “Kwa’lilas” translates to “a place to sleep”. Named by the Gwa’sala-Nakwaxda’xw elders in hopes that guests may find peaceful rest after a day of exploration on North Vancouver Island.

What We Offer:

  • $500.00 signing bonus after 1 month of successful employment
  • 3 months of covered accommodations for individuals relocation from outside of Northern Vancouver Island
  • Wellness incentives including weekly free smoothies, a discounted gym membership, and free in person counselling services
  • Company events and holiday parties
  • Career growth and development opportunities

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Working with chef for smooth day to day operation of kitchen
  • Assisting in new menu creation and costing
  • Managing inventory levels and letting the Head Chef know when they need or order more ingredients or supplies
  • Training new employees
  • Operating restaurant equipment such as blenders, ice cream makers, and ovens etc.
  • Refilling sauces, napkins, salt, pepper, and other condiments
  • Memorizing recipes, policies, procedures, and standard portion sizes
  • Being diligent to minimize waste in the kitchen by follow instruction of the chef or direct supervisor
  • Preparing ingredients and components of each recipe on the restaurant’s menu according to the standards set by the chef and the hotel
  • Maintaining freshness of product and rotating old product out. Ensuring no spoiled product is served
  • Working with a team of Cooks in a professional way to handle varying levels of activity
  • Maintaining a clean, sanitary, and safe workspace at all times to avoid contamination. Making sure all work areas are clean and sanitized, free from glasses, and anything that is not acceptable in a food preparation area
  • Ensuring that all fridges are kept clean and organized, free from any contaminant and food is wrapped and iced if required
  • Being aware of, and following, all kitchen health and safety regulations and guidelines
  • Making sure that all products are ordered or pulled out to defrost, in a timely fashion for menu and specials
  • Making sure that all prep required is ordered or done on time for service
  • Following opening and/or closing check lists pertaining to his or her section of kitchen
  • Doing closing check lists with all staff to ensure the kitchen is clean, organized and ready for the next day
  • Reporting to Chef when problems arise with, food, waiters or cooks that pose a concern for the operation

Role Requirements:

  • 5 years of related experience with 2 years in a fine dining setting
  • Professional and responsible conduct and speech around and to all employees
  • Comfortable in fast-paced, high-pressure environments
  • Teamwork skills, able to follow direction given by Chef or direct supervisor.
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Able to show a competent level of ability with knife skills and cooking knowledge
  • Versed in Classic French cuisine and latest trends
  • Advanced knife skills
  • Provide up to date pictures of food
  • Graduated from a culinary institution considered a strong asset
  • Valid Food Safe certification

Salary: $22.00 - $23.00 per hour

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