Finishing For Smoke Hole in the Works

Kwa’lilas Hotel’s exterior siding is undergoing strapping, insulation, and installation of tar paper. In the North Wing, multiple items were completed last week including the roofing, plumbing and electrical. When the drywall materials arrive next week, k’awat’si Construction will begin the installation. The smoke hole is currently framed with steel. The team will finish the fiber cement siding, also known as hardy board which is high quality, fire-resistant and durable material. Fiber cement is environmentally friendly and a low maintenance material.

In the South Wing, interior demolition has started. The old lobby has been completely gutted and the plumbing for the bathrooms will be rerouted to the other side of the building to fit the hotel’s new layout. For the time being, the South entrance is only accessible to construction crews. To access Seto’s, please enter through the marked side entrance. PHINN’s entrance is not affected.


The exterior of Kwa’lilas Hotel is undergoing strapping, insulation, and installation of tar paper.



The steel-framed and fiber cement-finished smoke hole is a main feature of Kwa’lilas Hotel.

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