k’awat’si Tours Applying for NIMMSA Membership

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k’awat’si Tours is currently applying to become a member of NIMMSA – the North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association.  The group conducts conservation and business activities to benefit marine mammals, the economy and the marine environment off of the North Island. Its members are involved in a wide range of activities, from research to responsible wildlife viewing experiences.

We already follow their strict code of conduct to ensure that our wildlife viewing experiences are done in a responsible way, but becoming a member means that we donate a small amount of money for each tour ticket sold to support the organization. k’awat’si Tours will also share information with NIMMSA to include in their research, such as behavior patterns and locations of the mammals. NIMMSA collects and analyzes the data from participating members to determine any changes in the area’s marine wildlife.

We want to ensure that the growth of the North Island wildlife viewing industry is done responsibly and respectfully, an initiative which will be ensured by the guidance of NIMMSA.