For the first time, Aboriginal Business Match Vancouver Island was hosted in Port Hardy, and our team at Kwa’lilas Hotel played a big role in making the conference a success. We sold out of rooms at the hotel, we opened the restaurant to the general public and we catered the three-day conference at the end of March.

Aboriginal Business Match is a part of how KEDC forms strong, long-lasting business relationships.

“I have participated at ABM multiple times over the past years and there’s a reason I keep going back,” said Conrad Browne, CEO of KEDC. “I have connected with multiple business partners that I trust to have the same values and support the goals of a prosperous future for the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations.”

KEDC has built strong working relationships with companies like Aboriginal Business Services and Riata Partners for tourism business advice, FleishmanHillard for media relations support, the Update Company for web development and more. This is the first year that Aboriginal Business Match Vancouver Island was held in Port Hardy and we have already made a big impression on the event organizers.

“We are already looking forward to bringing Aboriginal Business Match Vancouver Island back to Port Hardy next year,” said Katrin Harry, Managing Partner of Raven Events. “ABM is all about connecting Aboriginal communities with the private sector to create opportunities for businesses. As event organizers, we see a parallel when local businesses like Kwa’lilas Hotel benefit from a conference of this nature comes into town.”

The conference has been an excellent way to introduce the public to Kwa’lilas Hotel.


Davis Henderson (k’awat’si Tours) and Scott Roberts (business consultant to KEDC) networking at Aboriginal Business Match 

Conrad Browne, CEO of KEDC, speaking about the value KEDC has received from ABM by connecting him to trusted partners who have the same values and support the goals of the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nations




Kamkalal Professional Dance Group, comprised of dancers from the Kwak’kwaka’wakw Nations


Richard George at Kwa’lilas Hotel ready to help our guest