Luxury King Suites & Roof Construction

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k’awat̕si Construction has been working over the holidays to gut the rooms top to bottom and is in the process of installing new drywall and upgrading the electrical and plumbing throughout the hotel. New frames have been installed to expand the square footage of the two luxury King Suites to 595 square feet and will feature Jacuzzi soaker tubs, additional artwork and living space.

Changes to the exterior are continuing to happen with the main focus on installing the customized roof trusses from Atlas Truss. Once completed, the roof will resemble a big house with a feature smoke hole. As you know, in the past, the Big House was home to four to five families at a time. The fire pit in the middle of the house— used as a source of warmth, heat for cooking and a centre piece for ceremonial dances—needed a vent for smoke to exit. Culturally this smoke hole would also serve as an entrance point for the experienced dancers. We are excited by the plans to incorporate this traditional piece of architecture from the past into our new modern building.

The finishing touches to Pier Side Landing’s renovations are now complete after the installation of the fire. Pending inspection and approval by the Municipality, the 55-room location by the water will accommodate guests for the remainder of Kwa’lilas Hotel renovations.

Installation of customized roof trusses at Kwa’lilas Hotel is in progress and will feature a smoke hole.