Media Groups Spread the Word about Kwa’lilas Hotel

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KEDC Tourism Coordinator, Davis Henderson, and marketing business consultants, Scott Roberts and Sherry Baumgardner, have been busy with meetings and hosting media groups to tour Kwa’lilas Hotel and explore the packages. Our consultants from Riata Partners have strong relationships with organizations like Destination BC, Aboriginal Tourism and Tourism Vancouver Island. Scott and Sherry set up meetings with these organizations to help us connect to media and other tourism operators, both of which will help spread the word about our products and services.

Last week, through their relationships with Destination BC and Aboriginal Tourism, media groups from Germany came to visit us. The guests write for travel magazines, travel columns in large newspapers, blogs and social media channels. For many of these visitors, it was their first time on Vancouver Island and we were honoured to host them at Kwa’lilas Hotel and Pier Side Landing. They were impressed with how we integrated the nature and cultural tours with their stay and were especially fascinated by the history told by the artwork. In October, we’re looking forward to having an Australian media group come join us.

Another example is the meeting we just had with Tourism Vancouver Island. We talked a lot about what Kwa’lilas Hotel and k’awat’si Tours have to offer and why it matters to our community. The Tourism Vancouver Island team is headed off to conferences and tourism trade shows like Go Media and Canada’s West MarketPlace where they will speak enthusiastically about us.

With all of this buzz, we are looking forward to a busy summer next year!

A sight from the Scenic Boat & Wildlife tour
San Josef Bay