Meet Eddie Walkus, a Member of the k’awat’si Tourism Team

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From aquaculture training programs to tour operations and hotel ventures, KEDC has several different projects on the go. Behind many of these projects is Eddie Walkus! Assisting with driving the k’awat’si Tours mini coach and guiding guests through the Nakwaktop Rapids, Eddie is a diverse worker who the KEDC is thrilled to have on board!

Growing up in the Gwa’sala Nakwax’daxw community, Eddie always had a passion for being on the water. His great grandfather was Robert Walkus Sr. from Smith Inlet, and his great grandmother, Violet Walkus, came from Blunden Harbour. A big part of his youth was spent gillnet fishing with his great grandfather, and he knew that he would like a job that allowed him to carry on those memories and experiences.

He started his time with KEDC as a part-time boat operator for the Gwa’sala Nakwax’daxw Marine Services, and was thrilled when a full-time position became available so he could spend more time doing what he loves.

Eddie is excited to be a part of a company that is owned by the Gwa’sala Nakwax’daxw Nations. He says, “As a band member, I am seeing all of the great things that KEDC has been able to do over these last few years for our community. They have been able to create jobs for a lot of our community members. It is a company that is also growing rapidly, and is moving our community in a direction that will lead to a brighter future for our younger generations.”

Eddie Walkus takes guests to their tours on the k’awat’si Tours mini coach.
Eddie Walkus takes guests to their tours on the k’awat’si Tours mini coach.