Meet Karen Steele: Guest Services Supervisor and Eco Tourism Specialist

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Kwa’lilas Hotel is delighted to announce that we have hired Karen Steele as the Guest Services Supervisor and Eco Tourism Specialist. Karen comes to us with a strong balance of academic knowledge and hands-on experience in geography, environmental sciences and tourism. She graduated this year with a Bachelor in Applied Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership and an Aquaculture Technician diploma. Before university, Karen worked in guest services in Egypt at an eco-diving lodge on the Red Sea. A large part of her job was to share Bedouin culture and traditions to travelers through leading and ensuring safe diving tours. She believes that tourism is an amazing way for the people to protect what they love most while providing a steady income for their families. Karen has built her career around the philosophy that tourism, as one of the largest industries, must be respectful to both the host and the environment. She brings this same attitude to Kwa’lilas Hotel. Davis Henderson and Karen will be working closely together to share the Gwa’sala Nakwaxda’xw culture and connect tourists with nature in the great outdoors. In combination with aboriginal experience packages, the eco-adventure tours will provide an exceptional experience for travellers in the North Island and the community. karen-steele-guest-services-supervisor