Signs for Kwa’lilas Hotel Eateries Completed

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Kwa’lilas Hotel is pushing forward with final design elements in various areas of the hotel. In an exciting step, both the restaurant and pub have received their official names and signs designed by the hotel’s art curator, Shain Jackson, are complete. The Elders’ Selection Committee named the pub ‘Nagilas, which means place to drink. The restaurant will carry its traditional name of Ha’ma’elas.

While the signs get ready to be put up, our talented Chef Jevon is creating a Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Nation-inspired menu that features local seafood – some of which our own KEDC aquaculture team has grown. The culinary team looks forward to serving visitors from across the globe and introducing them to the fine local fare.

Chef Jevon Thow and his Sous-Chef Karl Cordick prepare a meal for Council and staff over Christmas break.